The Video X Games Sponsors ECTV With TWO Trips

As previously announced on The Late Night Show With LI Joe, the Video X Games will be sponsoring East Coast Throwdown V. The winner of the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament will receive a FREE FLIGHT AND HOTEL STAY at the Video X Games in St. Marteen from July 25-28, 2013. This lucky player will be flown down to the Caribbean on July 24 to meet with local news and media to help get the tournament the shine it deserves, as well as to promote themselves and their respective sponsors! Then, it’s on to Casino Royale on the 25th where Rolando Brisson from VxG already has a slew of great exhibitions planned. The tournament action begins on the 26th, being streamed by New York’s own Bifuteki!

While we feel honored being an official VxG qualifier this year, Rolando was kind enough to include us in his extended plans for the VxG tournament circuit. The winner of the Super Street Fighter IV AE v.2012 tournament at ECTV will receive a flight to Gaming Revolution in Puerto Rico. Gaming Revolution is another island qualifier for VxG, so if you win there, you’re qualified for VxG!

We’re overjoyed that Rolando has chosen ECTV as a VxG qualifier and has deeply embedded us in his circuit for this year. Needless to say, the winners of ECTV will be getting their moment in the sun this summer!

For more information on the Video X Games, please head to .
Gaming Revolution’s website will be added to this post once it’s up!