Welcome Roadrunner Records as an official partner of East Coast Throwdown 2018

Roadrunner Records eSports at East Coast Throwdown

East Coast Throwdown would like to welcome Roadrunner Records as a premier partner for this year’s event! Our fighting game tournament turns 9 this year, and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate our 9th year with Roadrunner Records, a label under which some of our favorite bands release their music. Roadrunner Records is a label with a long history of success, having started back in the 80’s, it has released some of the most legendary metal albums of all time.

If you’re a hard rock, metal, or hardcore fan, you’ve definitely listened to a Roadrunner artist. In fact, the chances are good that your favorite band is, or has been, signed to Roadrunner at one point or another. Their current roster is as impressive as it’s ever been. Having recently signed Coheed & Cambria, and released new albums for Trivium, In This Moment, and Code Orange, Roadrunner is continuing to make waves within the music industry and push the boundaries of artistry.

Bands on Roadrunner Records in 2018

Now, they’re coming to East Coast Throwdown to support the hardcore fighting game fans of the FGC. They’ve seen your passion, they’ve seen your dedication, they’ve seen how loud and how hype you can be, and they’re stage diving into it at ECT. Roadrunner is committed to all of you, and has leaned heavily on people like our own L.I. Joe to understand what they could do to make ECT 2018 the most unforgettable FGC event of your life. They have a lot planned, we wish we could spill the beans on all of it, but they’d probably “accidentally” spinning back fist us in a freak mosh pit accident. All we can say is that its exciting stuff, and their commitment and embrace of our community will be clear to everyone to say the least.

So many of us listen to music while we compete, others play instruments and are in bands outside of our button smashing nerd-sessions. Music is a part of all of us, it connects us to ourselves as much as it connects us to others. The passion and self expression that are achieved through music, are paralleled in many ways in fighting games. From the rhythmic timing it takes to perfect combo strings, to finding the creativity within the constraints of our favorite game’s engine, to getting up on stage to put on the performance of your life in front of thousands of people. The folks at Roadrunner not only get that, but they felt and experienced it when they saw our community in action. We can’t wait for them to show you what they’ve got in store. It’s going to 👀👀👀 …rock!


UPDATE: Roadrunner has launched their Thrashers & Mashers website, dedicated to the FGC. Check it out! You can enter to win a massive prize pack from Roadrunner which is sure to include some really sick stuff!


For more information about Roadrunner Records and their artists, visit their metal record label website.

Oh! You’ll definitely want to follow Roadrunner Records on Spotify, too.


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