Late Registration

Only $60

Late Registration Ends October 7th

If you pre-register for ECT 2018 today, you will be able to purchase this year’s East Coast Throwdown Band T-Shirt for only $20 during registration process. You will receive your shirt via mail so you can wear it everywhere leading up to the event itself. East Coast Throwdown Registration is open now.  Supplies are limited, so hurry up and enter to secure your shirt!
Shirt is $20 plus S&H


Register Today!

Pricing Schedule

Early Bird Reg

Until May 31st

Register early for East Coast Throwdown at $45 to save that bread!

Normal Reg

June 1st - August 31st

We can’t all be early birds, so normal registration will be $60 this year for East Coast Throwdown. Register now so we can plan even cooler stuff for all our attendees in advance!

Late Reg

September 1st - September 27th

You waited until the last minute didn’t you? That’s cool, but we’ll need a cool only $70 to get you signed up. Maybe you’ll learn your lesson for 2020? Oh, and NO ONSITE REGISTRATION for main roster games.

2 Old 2 Furious Pass

$3OOnly want to play old man arcade or side tournament games? No need for full price registration, get your special pass for only $30 no matter when you want to sign up.

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