Pricing Schedule

Early Bird Reg

Until June 6th

Competitor Pass $100
Arcade Pass $75
Spectator Pass $50Register early for East Coast Throwdown to save that bread!

Normal Reg

June 6th - August 18th

Competitor Pass $115
Arcade Pass $85
Spectator Pass $60
We can’t all be early birds, so normal registration will be $115 this year for East Coast Throwdown. Register now so we can plan even cooler stuff for all our attendees in advance!

Late Reg

August 18th - September 30th

Competitor Pass $130Arcade Pass $95
Spectator Pass $75
You waited until the last minute didn’t you? That’s cool, but we’ll need a cool $130 to get you signed up. Maybe you’ll learn your lesson for 2025? Oh, and NO ONSITE REGISTRATION for main roster games.

ECT 2024 Registration