One Frame Link to Provide $6000 In Pot Bonuses for ECT5!

We are once again honored by working together with One Frame Link this year. These guys have been nothing but generous to us over the years and we’re more than pleased to keep this relationship going.

As you’re all aware, One Frame Link donated a record $3000 to the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 bonus pot, but with a slight catch. We made it a winner-takes-all $3000 to add more fuel to the fire. And boy, did it ever! One AGE|Fanatiq, Mr. Loren Riley, went home with a grand total of $9491 just from his Marvel matches. And that’s not including the Salty Suite!

In true East Coast Throwdown fashion, One Frame Link has yet again gone above and beyond for the community. They have donated a whopping $6000 in bonus money across three tournament games. $2000 will go to the winner of Marvel, $2000 will go to the winner of Street Fighter IV, and $1000 will go to the winner of Injustice. But we’re still $1000 short, you say? Well, here’s where that extra money comes in.

Whichever tournament game gets the MOST ENTRIES will receive ANOTHER $1000 in bonus money! This is all winner-takes-all, so start working on your A game!

Please follow the link below for the full release from One Frame Link Blog: