OmG iTz Andre Vs. Unknown Raw Footage!

– First of all this contains no gameplay footage, this is just camera footage for now.

– This is RAW unedited footage (just broken up into clips) of the Money Match between OmG iTz Andre and Unknown. Originally it was believed that Unknown came back from behind and defeated Andre but due to a scoring error that was discovered later on Andre actually won this match up. He received his money and all was sorted out.

– Having said that, there were some huge pop-offs from both gamers in what was a very heated and close match up. If you missed ECT4, maybe after watching this you won’t miss ECT5 because this is just a sliver of the passion and effort these guys put into their craft.

– Love them or hate them they play the game well. There will be some edited footage coming with music and all that good jazz in due time, just hang with me. I have over 4 hours of footage from ECT4. If you aren’t featured in some of it you got very unlucky!