The EAST COAST THROWDOWN team is officially cancelling EAST COAST THROWDOWN 2020 in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, we did not begin any registration collection or room block bookings which should minimize any inconveniences to our attendees, partners, sponsors and staff. As such, if you had booked any means of paid travel for EAST COAST THROWDOWN 2020, we do recommend reaching out to the respective service provider for a refund or credit.

Understanding the severity of this pandemic, this is both a discouraging yet easy decision for us to make. As an event by the community, for the community, it stings deeply to not be able to share with you all how we planned to improve our event experience this year. However, the #1 priority will always remain with our attendee’s safety. Our team simply cannot accept the probability, no matter how small by October, of an attendee contracting this deadly virus on our grounds. Our motto will remain the same as we encourage the FGC to continue to MASH HARD, FIGHT HARD through this challenge and emerge victorious in 2021.


To give the FGC some perspective, EAST COAST THROWDOWN as an organization is thankfully marginally affected by this circumstance. Our current home at the Hilton Stamford have been incredible accommodating in this time of uncertainty, treating us as a true partner. We have been able to reschedule our contract for 2020 into 2021 with absolutely no penalty. As many of our fellow tournament organizers are not as fortunate, it’s imperative for us to clearly state that our financial wellbeing is not at risk. Please do not consider any community-based fundraising opportunities on our behalf, as that will inevitably be needed for some of our peers that are beholden to their venue agreements.


We’re certainly not the type of people to go down without a fight. This battle is lost but we will win the war, so we are collectively deciding what we CAN do with the current circumstances. There were limited dates available with our venue in 2021, but we do believe we landed on a date that we’re sure the FGC will be very pleased with. EAST COAST THROWDOWN 2021 will officially be on Labor Day Weekend, September 3rd – 5th, 2021!

That addresses the future, but what about the now? After some team discussion, our thoughts landed on trying to produce a studio based EAST COAST THROWDOWN SPECIAL in 2020 during the same weekend our event would have been. Of course, this is all pending on how the pandemic curve trends, Our goal here is to undoubtedly provide a live streamed experience showcasing some of the best native EAST COAST talent from players, commentators and figureheads to give you all a unique variety show of sorts. Exhibitions, round table discussions, interviews…nothing is off the table. We also have the full-fledged support here of our amazing partners over at ROADRUNNER RECORDS.

We also need to address the obvious question that we’re sure will come up. “Will there be merch?” To that we say, “HELL YES!” Last year we took our merch game a bit more seriously, and we plan on doing some more concepts this year considering how pleased we are with our 2020 event artwork. Any proceeds here would go towards making EAST COAST THROWDOWN 2021 the undeniably best event we have ever created.

We want to particularly acknowledge our partners that have been so incredible to us over the years, and especially through this tough time. First off, it cannot be overstated how privileged we are to work with the folks at ROADRUNNER RECORDS. If you’ve been a fan of ours, then you know how many incredible opportunities they have provided us to make EAST COAST THROWDOWN one of the most unique FGC experiences in the world. Before we even knew that we were 100% cancelling, they had offered their support regardless of how the cookie crumbled.

A very sincere thank you also goes out to ASTRO Gaming. Like their support for so many other FGC events, the ASTRO Gaming team have offered us nothing but understanding and support in this decision. They’ve extended their resources to us for whatever creative outlet we decide to pursue this year and beyond in 2021. Between their product line providing unparalleled audio for our events and their genuine support of our actual community, a large debt is owed to them.

Finally, we want to acknowledge all publisher partners who allow us to showcase their titles. In particular, WB Games, NetherRealm Studios and Capcom have been in very close communication with us and stand by our decision. Their overall care and concern for EAST COAST THROWDOWN’s wellbeing is a sentiment that deserves to be acknowledged.

As an event and community members, we are incredibly thankful to have such loyal and compassionate partners.


This is not how any of us envisioned 2020 to be for us and our community. For the first time ever, the Northeast FGC was going to have a Capcom Pro Tour Premier Event. Seeing all of this crumble away for our region is nothing short of heartbreaking. We’re just incredibly thankful we escaped from this relatively unscathed, but some of our brothers and sisters will not be as fortunate. Please take this time to support all of our local, regional & global event organizers that are in need. We will 100% see you all in 2021 for the most definitive version of EAST COAST THROWDOWN to date.

Stay safe, stay hungry, and stay together FGC.