ECT Family,

As fighting game events start to make their return announcements, a statement from us is in order. To be upfront, we have made the decision not to run East Coast Throwdown as an offline major in 2021. Truth be told, we knew we weren’t going to host it back in February. There was a tough choice to make when it came to our venue contract that forced an early decision to reschedule for 2022 at a manageable loss or keep our date with the huge risk of being financially accountable for our contract in full. Of course this wasn’t the decision we wanted to make, but the necessary one for the future of East Coast Throwdown. With East Coast Throwdown 2019, we really felt like we hit our stride and can’t wait to continue growing into one of the best events in 2022. 

That said, we had a dope time last year putting together our studio show for you all. If we learned anything, it’s that as long as you all support us, we have to keep finding room for innovation. With so many lessons learned in the past year, and new friends helping us grow East Coast Throwdown, we’re eager to announce our 2021 plans! We’ve got two things cooked up for everyone, a full four months of online events ending in a hybrid studio show featuring in-person exhibitions. All the action from online to offline is powered by the badass combination of our presenting partner Roadrunner Records and official audio partner ASTRO Gaming!

First off, we’ll address the online events. Please welcome ECT’s Community Throwdown series! Community Throwdown will consist of 30 total tournaments featuring a rotating schedule of Street Fighter V Champion Edition, Guilty Gear Strive, Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate and Tekken 7! Each tournament will be free to enter and have a $500 prize pool paying out the top 4 placers. That’s a total of $15,000 in available prizing! Beyond that, we are collaborating with some of the most trusted regional TO’s Casa, TSB and NYC Tekken to bring you an exceptional experience! Please stay tuned for eligible regions of each game, platforms and rules in the coming week.

Our online events will conclude with another East Coast Throwdown studio show in October. While last year we handled most of the exhibitions and invitational brackets through net play, our goal this year is to host all matches in person. A return to some glorious offline sets! Again, you can expect some more content and a new merch drop alongside it. We’re proud of the steps we took with last year’s East Coast Throwdown merch offering and hungry to keep getting better. Once we have some more details fleshed out, we promise you’ll know immediately!

Beyond the community, we also need to give a massive shout out to Roadrunner Records, ASTRO Gaming & Red Bull Gaming. Nothing from last year would have been possible without their support. We have no idea where we’d be without them in our corner.  

Lastly, from all of us here on the East Coast Throwdown team, we want to raise our glasses to each one of you. The ECT memories shared with us last year reinforced our commitment to serving you the best we can. Most importantly, you fuel our creativity and ideas. No amount of appreciation can be articulated for that. Seriously now, a metal themed fighting game event shouldn’t even work, but it does thanks to all of you.

Much love,

The East Coast Throwdown Team