$200 Pot Bonus Added For Vampire Savior!

Because it’s one of the most intricate fighters around, plus the fact that Capcom listened to the community’s demands for a re-release, Darkstalkers: Resurrection has been taking the scene by storm. In light of this, the awesome guys at PowerUp in Cincinnati have graciously donated a $200 pot bonus to our Vampire Savior tournament! These guys are dedicated to bringing the Vampire community what they deserve, and not just in Ohio. They are hosting what is sure to be the biggest Darkstalkers event in the country, being held on June 15 & 16, 2013, at Arcade Legacy in Cincinnati, Ohio. We are really please to have these guys supporting the northeast’s Vampire community, and we can’t wait to see some epic matches at ECT!

If you haven’t already, please pre-register for East Coast Throwdown V using the link at the top of the page. Pre-reg ends May 4!