For those of you who are following us on Facebook and Twitter, we hinted yesterday that there’d be some “Ultra” »

A few weeks ago, we were asked if Injustice could be switched to 3/5 at ECT2014. We agreed that if »

We are proud to announce that East Coast Throwdown 2014 is a part of the Super Turbo Tournament of Legends »

We are extraordinarily pleased to announce that after a month of very friendly talks with AverMedia, they have graciously decided »

This is subject to change, but here’s what we’re looking at for Saturday. Pool assignments will be posted next week »

We’ve been getting asked this question quite a bit, so I figured a post was warranted. Lobo, the first DLC »

Not a good day for glitches I’m afraid. Mike Metroid told me about this last week, but we thought it »

We are once again honored by working together with One Frame Link this year. These guys have been nothing but »

PRE-REGISTRATION ENDS IN 10 DAYS 9 HOURS 46 MINUTES!!!!!!!! More hotel rooms have been added, but there is a condition »

That’s right folks, ATLUS USA has graced us with an awesome sponsorship for East Coast Throwdown V! They’re throwing $1000 »